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Copywriter Story Secrets

Published by: David Garfinkel on 02-10-2020

One of my best-performing sales letters took three months to write. A big part of the time it took to write it had little to do with the headline or the rest of the copy.

The letter crushed it. Literally. We broke the server the first day. This was for a small company and total sales were over $1 million on their mentoring program I had written the sales letter for.

To prepare for that letter, I sought out stories from people in the marketplace who would end up being prospects and customers for the mentoring program.

When I did the interviews, talking to people who were very different from me, I learned things about their motivations and their preferences that never would have occurred to me on my own.

I don’t think the letter would have broken $1 million in sales or sold out in three days if I hadn’t done the work to get those stories out of prospective customers.

Today, we talk about getting stories before you start writing your copy. In this fast-paced show, we cover:

>Why it’s important to get stories from clients and their customers — two reasons most copywriters never consider

>How most people screw this up… and… how to fix this

>Who you want to talk to (far more types of people than you think now)

>How you want to talk to the people you’re getting stories from (vitally important — makes all the difference)

>What kind of questions to ask

>What you want to get from the people you interview

>What to do with what you get

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