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Trigger-Happy Facebook Posting, with Nathan Fraser

Published by: David Garfinkel on 04-06-2020

You may know Nathan as the producer and my confabulation partner on Copywriters Podcast, and some of you know he’s an accomplished and profitable copywriter himself.

But not everyone knows another aspect of Nathan’s public face, and that is as a very provocative Facebook poster. His posts trigger people in a way I’ve never seen before. A lot of them are funny and nearly all of his posts are thought-provoking.

I asked him if he would share the story behind what he thinks and why he does what he does, and he readily agreed.

So that’s what we did on today’s show.

1. You seem to thrive writing Facebook posts that polarize a lot of people. Some love these posts and some people really get triggered. Could you talk about why you do this?

2. Could you share some of your “greatest hits” — posts that you consider among your most controversial?

3. A lot of times your posts are ironic, or downright sarcastic. Do you find that some people miss the irony or sarcasm and take what you say literally?

4. I’ve noticed three kinds of posts that you do

- triggering (which is most of them)

- personal reveals (where you tell a story that makes you come across as genuinely vulnerable and authentically human)

- marketing tips (which are educational and useful)

What’s your strategy in the mix of what you post?

5. Now, let’s talk marketing. I think you’ve mentioned that you deliberately say things that will strongly attract certain kinds of prospects, as well as push others away. How has that worked out and what do prospects say to you about your posts?

6. I’ve gotten the impression that early on, you put a lot of thought into your strategy. Could you walk us through your thought process leading up to what you’re doing today?

7. What do you think of the way most people use Facebook, especially for marketing themselves and their businesses in unpaid posts? What would you suggest they do differently?

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