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Teaching Kids Copywriting

Published by: David Garfinkel on 05-11-2020

I’ve been wanting to do a show on this topic for quite a while. I kept hitting a roadblock in my mind every time I started to prepare.

Now, with the coronavirus keeping so many kids out of school and at home, I realized I needed to get past the roadblock. And, ironically, it was the stay-at-home order that cleared the mental roadblock out of the way.

Here’s an outline of what I came up with.

Since Nathan has a young person he helps with her homework, he had some real-world-inspired insights that are especially worth listening to.

1. What gets in the way (or would get in the way) of making copywriting a class in all elementary, middle, or high schools.

2. Who should teach kids copywriting, and who shouldn’t

3. Which kids should be taught copywriting, and which kids shouldn’t

4. What to teach, and what not to teach

5. What a typical copywriting assignment for a young student, might look like

6. The big idea about teaching and learning copywriting

Keywords: copywriting for kids

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