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Offers that Nail Down Sales

Published by: David Garfinkel on 06-15-2020

What is an offer

- Not just what you’re selling, although that’s a big part of it

- It’s how you sell it. How you present it. How you arrange it.

- For testing, it’s one of the Big Three (besides headline/hook and pricing/payment plans)

- Maybe you’ve heard: “The best product doesn’t win. The product with the best marketing wins.

- Often, the product with the best marketing ends up being the product with the best offer

- The conventional wisdom on what an offer is:

- core product plus bonuses

- dollar value, dropped to selling price

- value stack: taking what’s in the offer and making it seem as valuable as possible

Why most offers don’t work nearly as well as they could… or… don’t work at all

- Sometimes they were just thrown up there like spaghetti against the wall, to see if it will stick

- But often, the reason they don’t work is because

- They’re what the business owner wants to sell the customer


- They’re what the business owner thinks the customer should want

-rather than-

- A watertight fit with what the customer really wants

How to go about building an offer that will work

- For a product - special, high-value related bonuses, or discount

- For service businesses - free initial consultation, but craft it to be valuable. Offer some specific, tangible-as possible outcomes for the prospect — no strings — that you can deliver in the course of a session

- For digital subscription businesses or software: free first month. Don’t expect “free” to carry the offer by itself. Make sure they know what they’re getting ahead of time, in as much benefit-rich detail as possible

Other factors

- value, security (risk-reversal), and the “perfect fit”

- the emotional wrapping paper on a solid, attractive offer

Examples of great offers

Infoproduct/software (easy to discount)

- Carlton - Kick-Ass Copywriting Secrets of a Rebel Marketer - 80% off ($20)

- Kirk Hunter Orchestra - Reg 500, on sale for 100. On the advice of my music teacher, I grabbed it

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