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Doug Pew’s Email Secrets

Published by: David Garfinkel on 10-19-2020

Our returning champion is Dr. Doug Pew. As you may remember, Doug is an award-winning musician and composer, and a former university professor of music. His compositions have been performed at the Kennedy Center and even Carnegie Hall. You heard that right! A true over-achiever!

Through a perfect storm of bad circumstances, though, Doug got fired from the university and found his way to copywriting, where he has flourished and inspired many others. He’s done work for Ray Edwards and many private clients. And just yesterday Doug was named Copy Chief at Mike Shreeve’s notorious No Pants Project. In case you didn’t know, this is a big deal!

Doug’s list of credentials is much longer than we have time for here, but recently I heard Doug on Nathan’s podcast talking about something he does that is totally unique, as far as I know. And would be incredibly valuable for you to know about.

It’s using a composer’s secret to generate a lot of high-quality emails fast.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to know how to generate a lot of high-quality emails quickly?

Plus, stay tuned. Because at the end of today’s show Doug will share a free resource with you that I promise you will absolutely love!

1. Doug, you had been writing email successfully for clients and even for your wife’s business before something that happened that took email to a whole new level of meaning for you. Could you tell us what happened?

2. Now, you are an accomplished, award-winning musician and composer. And there’s a technique that composers use, that you’ve been able to use to generating a lot of unique email ideas quickly.

Before we get to your email technique, could you explain the composer’s technique and give us a simple example?

3. OK, now, let’s talk about the email technique. How do you “transpose” it from music to email?

4. OK. Want to take us on a “test drive” of your email technique?

5. OK, this app you’ve been talking about. Want to tell us about it?

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