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Productizing Your Knowledge, with Mike Giannulis

Published by: David Garfinkel on 11-09-2020

Our guest today, Mike Giannulis, is a serial entrepreneur who understands, and has depended upon, the value of copy to really grow the business.

When I met Mike and we started working together, his main focus was copywriting. But he has built several seven- and eight-figure businesses from scratch. And his the business he runs now, he told me, is currently on track to generate eight figures of revenue per year.

It’s called Sanetris, with its products and programs focused on health and wellness. He has about 30 people on staff.

Mike also has a personal story you may have heard about. And one time, he weighed 540 pounds, but he has lost and kept off more than 300 pounds.

Today, we’re going to talk about something Mike has a lot of successful experience with: taking what you know, and turning it into a product that sells.

1. Mike, this is an appealing idea! To start, could you give us your definition of “productizing your knowledge?”

2. What would you say is the kind of knowledge that is good to productize, and which kind isn’t? Both for the point of view of the marketer and that of the consumer?

3. What have you found that’s counterintuitive -- that is, what works, or is a good idea that doesn’t seem like it would work, and what doesn’t work that seems like it should, when it comes to productizing knowledge and selling it?

4. Could you talk about the role that copywriting plays in the productizing-knowledge process?

5. Mike, tell us how you have used this in / to build / your business.

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