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Copywriting Hacks and Reps

Published by: David Garfinkel on 11-23-2020

I see a lot of questions from beginning copywriters, working pro’s, and business owners that all boil down to this:

“What can I do to get good at copywriting and stay good?”

Of course, the answer that first comes to mind for me is, “Hire me as your copywriting mentor.”

But that’s not always practical for a number of reasons. I can only work with a few people at any time. A lot of people are too early in their skills for mentoring from me. Some people don’t want to make the investment, and some people don’t have enough time for it.

All of those things make sense to me. But I want no copywriter left behind. No business owner, either. And most of all, no, I’m not running for president.

But I am doing a podcast. So, I put together a carefully selected list of hacks and reps to help you get good and stay good. Four of these groups of activities, you can do by yourself. The fifth one does involve other people, and I’ll offer you a variety of training and coaching options I can personally recommend.

1. Read copy every day. Even better, read it out loud.

2. Storytelling - handwrite a few pages from the opening of a few favorite fiction books.

If I did it today myself, it would be Orphan X books by Greg Hurwitz

An example from one of my mentoring clients

3. Books you could get a lot out of by just reading once

- Tested Advertising methods, by John Caples

- How to Write the Perfect Sales Page, by Nathan Fraser

- Breakthrough Copywriting, by me, David Garfinkel

4. Books you should read multiple times

- Scientific Advertising, by Claude Hopkins

- A Technique for Producing Ideas, by James Webb Young

- Breakthrough Advertising, by Gene Schwartz

(makes more sense when you have a little more experience)

5. Take a course or join a group

- John Carlton

- Kevin Rogers

- Copywriter Club

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