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Junior Copywriter Opportunities with Kira Hug

Published by: David Garfinkel on 11-30-2020

Our guest today is Kira Hug.

You may know of her from The Copywriter Club or The Copywriter Underground, where she is Co-Founder.

She also heads a micro-agency, as she calls it, where she leads a team of copywriters on projects for course, membership and product launches.

In fact, her specialty is personality-driven launch copy and brand strategy.

I’ve known Kira a while, and was really intrigued when I learned she knows a lot about working with junior copywriters. It’s a topic both beginners and veteran copywriters can benefit by learning more about it, and that’s what she’s going to talk about today.

Here are the questions we covered on today’s show:

What is a junior copywriter, and what has been your experience either working as one or working with them?

What are the different ways you can work with junior copywriters on a project?

What can a junior copywriter do to land a copy gig with a pro copywriter?

What are the pros and cons of adding a junior copywriter to your team?

How do you decide to pay a junior copywriter?

How can you avoid disasters when you work with a junior copywriter?

What can a junior copywriter do to nail a subcontracting gig with a pro copywriter?

When is the right time to hire a junior copywriter?

What are the tasks I could expect a junior copywriter to do/learn realistically?

What’s the next step to becoming, or finding, a junior copywriter?

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