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The Greatest Things About Being A Copywriter

Published by: David Garfinkel on 12-21-2020

Since we’re getting near the end of the year from HELL, I wanted to have a feel-good show to cheer everyone up.

It’s a long answer to the question: What are the greatest things about being a copywriter?

I think sometimes we get so caught up in the what’s and the how’s and the why’s of copywriting that we don’t take enough time to appreciate all the unique aspects of being a copywriter that can make it so much fun… and so rewarding.

Listen, I’m not going to skip over the money part. That’s important. But there’s so much more than that.

So what I’d like to do today is talk about the things you can appreciate if they’re already true for you… and things you can look forward to if you haven’t enjoyed them yet.

I put this podcast together this a little while before Thanksgiving, so I was in a grateful frame of mind. I realized a lot of us in this line of work get used to it after a while, and start to take some of the unique aspects of copywriting for granted.

I thought, why not celebrate the good stuff. If nothing else, reflecting on those things will help you through tedious and difficult times.

Plus, if you’re just starting, I do want to assure you, there’s light at the end of the tunnel… and most of the time, it’s not the headlight from a train coming right at you!

So, what we’re going to talk about breaks down into 3 categories: The Work, The Perks, and The Jerks.

Seven things in all… enjoy!

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