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Dream Bigger in 2021

Published by: David Garfinkel on 01-18-2021

So, I’ll start with this question:

If you had the most powerful persuasion method ever developed at your fingertips and you didn’t use it to persuade yourself to live the life you really want -- what’s up with that?

I saw a quote on Twitter that said:

The problem with the rat race is if you win, you’re still a rat.

It’s a real problem for a lot of us. Not the rat race so much as trying to fit in and do what we perceive everyone else thinks of as “normal” -- as opposed to going for what you really want.

Now, to be sure, you’ve still got to make a living and if you’re the breadwinner in a household, provide for others. But I think it’s tragic if you believe you have to torture yourself to do it.

One way to stack the odds a little more in your favor is to take the tools of copywriting and turn them on yourself. Use copy skills to “sell” yourself on getting what you want. That’s what today’s show is about.

Now, a quick note: This is not a sermon about the Law of Attraction. Too many people put way too much focus on the first part -- “Attract” -- and don’t pay enough respect to the second part of the word, which is, after all, “action.” You have to do more than just think about something to make it so.

But… you can use copywriting combined with taking action to make things so you might not have thought possible before.

The premise

- figure out what you want

- maybe you’ve been afraid to dream this big

- maybe you were willing to do this before, but you didn’t know how

- The two biggest problems with most goals getting achieved are

- lack of motivation on your part to take the action you need to take to achieve the goal

- lack of belief that it’s possible, that it makes sense, that it’s the right thing to do

- What we’re going to talk about today takes aim at solving both of these problems -- getting these obstacles out of the way

- we’ll use the copywriting techniques of creating compelling benefits to help you with your motivation

- we’ll use the copywriting technique of reason-why to help get those doubts and lack of belief out of the way

- So the idea is very simple, and it’s familiar to everyone who writes copy. Take what you’re
going for and turn it into benefits, like

- bullet points

- stories

- slice of life scenarios (“imagine what it’s like when you have a personal tattoo artist who will show up at your house with the press of a button,” for example)

- Then, come up with one or more reasons-why

- why what you want is important and necessary

- why there’s every reason you can have what you want

- why now is the right time for you to get/learn/develop these new things

- Now, in what you’ve created, you have the two missing elements that most goal programs are lacking.

- Next step is to write yourself a VISION SALES LETTER

- For four reasons

- to really sell yourself on getting what you want

- to get motivated to get started on it

- to actually get started

- to keep going

To recap, two reasons this could work better than anything you’ve tried before

1. It harnesses your imagination in a very powerful and unique way, with all the benefit statement -- unique because the benefits are vivid and specific

2. It convinces you to “buy” (meaning: “buy in”) to your goals and vision with a level of confidence that’s rare or nonexistent among other forms of goal-setting.

So we look at three ways of using this Dream Bigger technique today:

1) in copywriting

2) in your business as a whole

3) in all of your life

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