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The Secret to Closing More Copywriting Clients, with Troy Steine

Published by: David Garfinkel on 03-29-2021

Our guest today is Troy Steine, and what he has to say will be of interest to every copywriter!

He’s going to tell us how to close more copywriting deals.

Now Troy is a soft-spoken guy, but make no mistake — he is a sales powerhouse. He has sold and helped others to sell hundreds of millions of dollars of offers and products.

Today, Troy specializes in working consultants, coaches, copywriters and online entrepreneurs. He’s the head sales advisor at and works with people who are looking to launch, grow and scale their businesses.

Full disclosure: Troy is a former mentoring client of mine, and that’s one reason he understands the business of copywriting so well.

On our show today, Troy covered:

• What he has discovered speaking to dozens of copywriters and business owners over the last 12 months

• How his experience in many types of sales has led him to what he’s doing today

• This one’s especially important! The big reason people who have a conversation with prospects never end up getting that person as a client

• A framework for successfully getting sales

• How you can best position yourself to get the most business

Troy is willing to take follow-up questions from Copywriters Podcast listeners. His email is:

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