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eCommerce Landing Page Gold Mine, with Craig Dave Carbol

Published by: David Garfinkel on 08-30-2021

As some viewers have noticed, I wear a Pinky and the Brain hat. In the excellent cartoon where this comes from, when the Brain bonks Pinky on the head with a big hammer, it’s just another event in the day. No harm, no foul. The action continues like nothing happened.

We’ll get to why I bring this up very soon. But I think you are in for a jolt of a very different sort with our guest today, power copywriter Craig Dave Cobol. He specializes in copy for eCommerce sites and his copy has racked up an astonishing $33 million in sales for his clients over the last couple years.

He’s done this using a system he developed called “Cashvertorials™,” which is based on some carefully researched and tested neuroscience and persuasion material that he’ll share with us today. I should also mention that, like Nathan and myself, he’s a musician. One thing that sets him apart is he speaks Swedish, as does the world’s current top songwriter, Max Martin.

Craig shared with us a slightly frightening and totally compelling account of his journey from being a “regular” high-powered copywriter to becoming a true renegade, with his new system.

With innovative techniques like polarizing product reviews, cognitive ticklers, and product transformation, he shared with us a new way to galvanize prospect attention and bring in big sales numbers.

You can learn about Craig’s free course here:

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