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Craig Dave Carbol Reveals eCommerce Landing Page Gold Mine

Published by: David Garfinkel on 09-06-2021

We’re back with Craig Dave Carbol and today we’re going to really dig into his secrets about writing exceptional copy for eCommerce landing pages.

Craig was with us last week. He has written for such well-known clients as Jon Benson and Mind Valley. But what really sets him apart are his accomplishments in eCommerce, where he has written for big brands in consumer markets like apparel, athletic gear and outdoor living. His copy has raked in more than $33 million in sales in the last year and a half.

Craig has come up with a system for writing copy just like he’s writing. The system is teachable, and it’s called Cashvertorials™. He’s told us about it today and walk through a promotion he did using this very renegade and very profitable form of copy.

To get free access to Craig’s course, go to:

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