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Secrets of $10 Million Supplement Sales Letters, with Mike Pavlish

Published by: David Garfinkel on 10-04-2021

Get ready for a master class in creating eight-figure sales letters, from a copywriter who has done it… over and over and over again.

I’m really excited that today, we have Mike Pavlish on the show. He has written promotions for health supplements that have in many cases brought in more than $10 million apiece. And he’s done this for some of the most successful supplement companies in the world, including Agora, Dr. Al Sears, Healthy Directions and many others.

Mike has also written for smaller entrepreneurs who sell supplements online.

All told, Mike’s sales letters and VSLs have sold more than half a billion dollars worth of supplements. Half a billion dollars.

It’s not often we get someone at this level of accomplishment on the podcast. Mike shared with us how he does what he does… in considerable, incredibly valuable detail. That is, how to develop and write supplement promotions that bring in $10 million or more.

Here are some of the things we covered:

• How to know if your niche is good

• What to look for in a product, if you want a big success

• What your research should focus on

• What’s different (that copywriters need to know about) today, compared to even the recent past

• Mike’s deceptively simple but super-powerful way of writing irresistible headlines!

Mike Pavlish’s website:

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