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To Make More Money, Stop Selling So Much in Emails, with Emily McGuire

Published by: David Garfinkel on 01-10-2022

We don’t usually give out formulas on this show, but today I’m going to start with one:

Empathy = $80 million.

I got that -- actually, I created it -- from looking at the work of our guest today, Emily McGuire. She’s a big-time specialist in email marketing. And her email campaigns have earned clients over $80 million in revenue.

The reason I put empathy in the formula is that Emily says her guiding principle is “Leading with empathy… figuring out where your prospects and repeat customers are in their buying cycle, or customer journey… and re-engaging them when they start to cool off.”

In her business, Flourish and Grit, Emily has worked with consumer brands, health and wellness businesses, and Software-as-a-Service companies in the tech space.

Her most famous client is probably Adam & Eve, the adult toy store. She used the empathy approach to increase their profits by 36%.

Here’s what I asked her:

1. Emily, I’m just betting you polarize audiences when you tell them that if they want to sell more with their emails, they should stop pitching a product or including a “buy” like so often. First, do I have that right? And secondly, if I do, why do you say that?

2. Could you walk us through some examples of how you have helped companies improve sales and strengthen their communities, using your approach?

3. Let’s delve into the kind of copy you write and the framework it fits into. Could you share a few paragraphs from a couple different emails, and tell us about the overall email it fits into?

4. This has been great, Emily. How about some tips for writing the kind of emails you’ve been talking about?

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