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Getting A Piece of the Action, with Jason Moffatt

Published by: David Garfinkel on 02-28-2022

In just about every copywriter’s life, there comes a time when you ask yourself,

“Why on God’s green Earth are all my clients making money hand over fist, day after day, month after month — and I just get paid just once?”

It’s a fair question because, more often than not, as copywriters, we end up essentially inventing our clients’ businesses.

With our copy. With our ideas. With our expert guidance.

To create a money machine.

Our guest today has a solution to this problem copywriters have. His name is Jason Moffatt, and his nickname is “profit Moffatt” for a reason.

He’s figured out how to do profitable deals, both for his clients and for himself. He started his copywriting career reading books and courses while waiting in his spy van during private investigation stakeouts.

After 17 years in Internet Marketing, Jason teaches digital marketers and copywriters how to get their slice of the pie by acquiring significant equity chunks on any project they work on.

He spends most of his time on Hawaii’s famous island of Maui, playing guitar and helping fellow entrepreneurs and copywriters get paid far better.

We started out talking about what Jason calls “The Inception,” which is his term for the great opportunity right under the nose of most copywriters. But there are a few changes you need to make to your mindset to see the opportunity, and take advantage of it. Jason explained that clearly and in useful detail.

Most copywriters have a million-dollar talent that most of them are unaware of, and Jason talks about how to recognize it and how to leverage it in your business negotiations.

Also, why even though you have other talents of great value, your ability to write copy that converts is disproportionately valuable to a prospective business partner.

Jason then talked about some first steps, but probably the most important one is selecting the right partners for an equity deal, and keeping your distance from the ones who are highly unlikely to work out.

He had some great info on finding partners, negotiating terms... and sealing the deal.

For more, here’s Jason’s course on getting equity deals:

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