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The King of Advertorials, with Justin Brooke

Published by: David Garfinkel on 03-07-2022

Our guest today is famous in digital marketing circles as an online advertising expert. His name is Justin Brooke and I’m so happy he can join us.

Justin is the founder of Adskills, a great training company for online advertising. He’s also a super-experienced media buyer, having spent more than $10 million for lead generation as well as eCommerce campaigns.

While Justin could give us super-valuable information on a lot of things, there’s one topic he knows a lot about where I’ve found it’s really hard to find any other expert who is also a good teacher. Justin is both – that is, an expert, and a really good teacher, and that topic is advertorials. It’s great that we get to talk to him about that today.

Here’s what we ask him in today’s show:

1. For people who don't know -- What are advertorials, and how are they useful in marketing?

2. How did you get into writing, and teaching about, advertorials?

3. What are the key differences between an advertorial and...

- content/articles

- sales letters/ads?

4. Could you give us an example of a successful advertorial?

5. What are some mistakes people make when they try to do advertorials, but mess up instead?

6. What are some of your best go-to tips to creating successful advertorials?

7. If someone wants to learn more about advertorials, what would you recommend?

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