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How to Lock-In Your Customer’s Attention, with John Williamson

Published by: David Garfinkel on 04-18-2022

By popular demand, we’re back with the always surprising John Williamson today. He’s going to talk about a serious problem every business faces, and some ready-made solutions to this problem.

John is coming to us from an undisclosed location on the side of a mountain in Scotland. Over the last 30 years he has generated millions of dollars in sales for himself and his clients with his own special brand of unique selling propositions.

The problem, of course, is getting and keeping the attention of customers. In a way that leads to sales, and repeat sales after that.

John says, “Right at the heart of your attention getting should be your brand.”

A lot of us direct marketers don’t pay a whole lot of attention to branding these days, but John argues that we should. All the time.

But not just any kind of brand. One that pulls its weight in getting attention and adding new customers.

How do you do that, and how to you make it pay off if you don’t have a huge budget to establish this brand in the way a big corporation will try to do?
John discusses:

• Why ‘branding bravery’ is the only way to win the war for attention.

• How any business – no matter how boring the industry is - can be decommoditized through branding.

• Why trying to come up with a brand name you love is almost impossible (and if you do love your brand name it’s … probably … not … very … (gulp!) … good.

• How to make your brand stick in someone’s mind like it’s been tattooed on their brain from their very first exposure to your business.

• How to use a linguistic shortcuts to get you people to resonate with your brand by relating it to a story they already have in their head.

• How to give your brand ‘conversational currency’ (… so that - incredibly - other businesses prefer to promote your business over their own business!).

• The specific 5 words people will say to you over and over again, that will let you know your branding is working.

John’s Facebook Group is “Attention Bandits.” :

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