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What You Didn’t Know About Charging Higher Prices, with John Williamson

Published by: David Garfinkel on 04-25-2022

I’m going to tell you three words that can help you charge higher prices than you’re charging now — even higher prices than your competitors.

Those words are “emotional risk displacement.”

To be honest, I have NO idea of what they mean… but… our guest today does.

He’s back! I’m talking about our returning champion, John Williamson. Today, he’s going to talk about Unique Selling Propositions and charging higher prices. And, if we’re lucky, he’ll tell us what “emotional risk displacement” means — since those three words CAN put more money in our respective pockets.

John is coming to us from an undisclosed location on the side of a mountain in Scotland. Over the last 30 years, he has generated millions of dollars in sales for himself and his clients with his own special brand of unique selling propositions.

He says, “A great Unique Selling Proposition will enable you to steal the attention and win the sales.

“Including ‘financial risk reversal’ in your USP will win you even more sales.

“But, you can take the process of USP development even further by embedding ‘emotional risk displacement’ in your USP … AND win all of those extra sales at HIGHER PRICES.”

On today’s show, we talk about how it’s possible to charge higher prices than your competitors … and STILL get the business.

John discusses:

• Why increasing prices is paradoxically the first thing you should figure out how to do if you want to increase sales.

• Why most people could care less about a money-back guarantee … and what they would prefer you gave them instead.

• How to determine the optimum price you should charge to maximize both revenue and profit.

• Why even rich people like a bargain and how you can give them what they really want without lowering prices by even a dime.

• How to completely eliminate discount requests and have people pay full price with a big fat smile on their faces.

• Why you should tell people what your ‘pricing philosophy’ is upfront, before you tell them anything about your product or service.

• Why you should NEVER rely on your accountant or CPA to tell you what you should be charging.

John’s Facebook Group is “Attention Bandits.”:

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