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Lightning Fast First Draft, with Kevin Rogers

Published by: David Garfinkel on 05-02-2022

Let’s welcome back for his third time on Copywriters Podcast, Kevin Rogers. No matter what we do, we can’t seem to scare him away.

No, actually, we’re really grateful to have him back. Kevin has been on before to talk about humor, and we greatly appreciated that.

But today he’s here to talk about something different -- ten rapid-fire steps to get a first draft of your sales paper down on paper or screen.

Besides being a successful and experienced stand-up comedian, Kevin is an A-List copywriter and author of “The 60-Second Sales Hook.”

He’s also the founder of Copy Chief, a powerful online community for copywriters.

But let’s get to his 10-step speed process.

Now Kevin wants to be clear: “If you’re out to beat a control, this isn’t the process for you. When you’re writing a magalog to beat another magalog, there’s a much longer process of review, with the team, and things like that.

Instead, he says, “This is for a copywriter who knows the product very well. Whether it’s your product or a client’s product.

“In that case, you know the audience very well, all the benefits very well, the features pretty well — but, you have this pressure to come up with a new ad.

“It’s called the 4x6 copywriting formula. It’s the 10 essential parts of a sales pitch. Four of them, if they are not present -- the buyer’s brain will not let them proceed.”

Kevin says this process lets you write first draft in about 60 minutes. It’s especially useful if you have to write a new ad for a product you’ve already written sales copy for.

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