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The Simpsons Approach to Copy, with Sage Polaris

Published by: David Garfinkel on 06-06-2022

As copywriters, we draw inspiration and know-how from all kinds of sources: professional salespeople… music… the sports world… fiction… even, the movies!

But I have to admit, our guest today is the first copywriter I’ve ever heard of who draws her approach from The Simpsons!

Yes, those Simpsons. Marge, Lisa, Bart and of course, the most unforgettable one, Homer.

Copywriter Sage Polaris has come up with an ingenious system for seeing the Simpsons as personality archetypes — and using that viewpoint to reach more buyers in every promotion.

Apparently it really works, too. Today she’ll tell us how she used this system to write copy for a $1.25 million launch. Overall, Sage has written copy for more than 400 clients, with millions more in sales results.

Now, getting your copy to that level of performance is rare enough in and of itself. But bringing it into the frame of everyone’s favorite cartoon dysfunctional family is unique, it seems to me.

Here’s what Sage told us about on the show:

• The four personality types of Bart, Homer, Marge, and Lisa – and what triggers their buying decisions

• How to put these high sales conversion methods into practice, particularly regarding overall placement of testimonials, when branded photos and selfies are most effective, how music lyrics and puns can be used to close sales, and more.

• How she used this exact method to earn her client $1.25 million in a single launch

• How to discern when to write to just one or a couple of the buyer types

• How these high conversion methods can help you connect beyond paid traffic and apply to organic traffic as well (Sage loves using this to build her audience in Facebook Groups)

Sage is offering a free report, “3x Email Open Rates in 3 Steps.” Go to:

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