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Interactive Sales Letters with Dr. Harlan Kilstein

Published by: David Garfinkel on 07-11-2022

Our returning champion is Dr. Harlan Kilstein, who has a brilliant innovation in copywriting he’s agreed to share with us.

Harlan was a guest here two years ago when he gave us some much-needed information about Facebook compliance. But don’t make the mistake of assuming Facebook is the only thing he knows anything about, because Harlan is a super-successful copywriter and entrepreneur who knows a LOT about a LOT of things.

He’s written super-profitable copy for many big names in the direct-response business. He’s created several very successful businesses of his own. And recently he’s come up with a “new” system to sell called Interactive Sales Letters.

I put “new” in quotes because it’s not really new at all. In one way. The concept behind it has been around, and proven, for decades. But the way Harlan is using the concept is brand-new… it’s working… and that’s what he’s going to tell us about.

1. To get us started, what is an interactive sales letter and what about the results you’ve gotten so far should make us want to find out more?

2. Your idea comes from a lot of history of proven techniques. Could you start by giving us a bird’s-eye view of what Publishers Clearing House and Reader’s Digest did, back in the day?

3. You and Jim Van Wyck had a landmark consultation with Jay Abraham, when you and Jim both had large Positive Changes franchises. What was the advice Jay gave you that gave you further evidence of some of the techniques you put into interactive sales letters?

4. How did “Laser-Focused Leads” help you move down the path to interactive sales letters?

5. What was your first full-fledged interactive sales letter and how did it do?

6. Could you walk us through some other recent project?

You can get ahold of Harlan using this email address:
overnightcopy at gmail dot com.

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