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Full Funnel Nudity, with copywriter Kyle Jordan

Published by: David Garfinkel on 08-29-2022

Our guest today, Kyle Jordan, has a website where he breaks down online ad sequences. The series of breakdowns is called “Full Funnel Nudity.” We’ll get to that soon enough, but first, about Kyle:

His first client five years ago was a technical marketing course company called Data Driven Marketing. As a copywriter and marketing strategist, Kyle increased the traffic to their website by about 400%; doubled the size of their email list in one year; and helped them come up with six new products.

But most important, with this first client, Kyle learned the technical side of online marketing from a copywriter’s point of view, in a way that few others have. This know-how led to his specialty, which he calls Funnel Renovations. He has helped multiple clients rehab their funnels and double their sales, just by fixing the funnel alone.

He’s also written for famous professional athletes and influencers -- always with the goal of growing the sales of the business.

Kyle shared some tips with us today from in-the-trenches about getting your funnels to perform better.

He started by telling us about his most unusual motivation for becoming a copywriter and why it was so important for him to succeed in the field.

From there, he shared a number of profitable tips:

• The #1 mistake that kills a funnel’s conversion rate
• Why if you’re not trying to get the last word in, you’re leaving money on the table
• The single biggest reason eCommerce brands should hire a copywriter
• A stupid simple way to increase your average order value by as much as 30%
• Why you should disgust everyone who passes through your funnel

He also told us about a great hack for increasing email open rates and engagement that gives you real-time market research results, and takes it to a new level.

Finally, you’ve got a website is called “Full Funnel Disclosure” and on it is his collection of breakdowns called “Full Funnel Nudity”:

His email address: kyle at fullfunneldisclosure dot com

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