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Sales Funnel Cheat Codes, with Nathan Fraser

Published by: David Garfinkel on 09-26-2022

He’s back -- and I’m talking about Copywriters Podcast’s very own, Nathan Fraser.

Nathan’s out with a new book, Sales Funnel Cheat Codes.

This is my favorite book of his so far, because it’s so right-on target and full of useful strategies and tactics for putting together a sales funnel that works.

The book is chock-full of systems, funnel diagrams, strategy, and simple rules to save you from a lot of mistakes and help you make a lot more money.

We had a lot to cover on today’s show. Here’s what I asked Nathan:

- What led up to you writing this book?

- What’s the worst-performing funnel you ever created?

- What’s the best-performing funnel you’ve ever created?

- You have an interesting statement in the book: “Advertising is the art of buying customers.” What do you mean by that?

- You mentioned that how-to articles and product comparison articles are great places to run your ads. What did you say that?

- Who was Monster and what did he teach you about how great ads work?

- Could you give us some tips about advertising to customers in the five levels of awareness?

- Tell us more about the book!

You can get Sales Funnel Cheat Codes here:

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