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The 10 Magic Words, with Jason Strachan

Published by: David Garfinkel on 10-10-2022

Our guest today, Jason Strachan, went through a powerful turnaround over 10 years ago. He was deeply in debt, not doing especially well as a copywriter. He heard about Gary Bencivenga’s famous “Bencivenga 100” seminar in New York, but there was no way he could pull the money together to attend.

However, when Gary offered the seminar on DVD, Jason moved heaven and earth, and might have missed a couple meals, to come up with the money to buy the recordings.

And what he learned changed his life.

Jason says, “I’ve always had this uncanny gift for assimilating new information when it interested me.” He put what he learned to work and his copy generated tens of millions for clients around the world.

Fast forward to today. Jason has boiled down what he has learned over time into a formula made up of only 10 words, and written a book about it. I’ve reviewed the book, called The Magic Word Method.What I like about it is, any one of these words can be used, both as copy and as a strategic idea, to refresh and turbocharge just about any copy you’d like to perform better.

The words are not unusual or unfamiliar. You’ve heard them before. But the way Jason looks at them is unique, in my experience. That’s why I invited him to come on the show and share his viewpoint and some tips from his book.

Jason told us about the steps along his path from struggling, in-debt newbie to successful, world-class copywriter -- and how he came up with the 10 Magic Words concept.

We went through three of the words from several angles: How it was used in a winning headline, why this particular word is so powerful, and some of Jason’s own experiences with how to get the most from this word both in copy and, as used strategically to boost response.

And, he told us about his new book, The Magic Word Method. He has a very tempting offer with lots of bonuses.

To get Jason’s book, go to:

If you’d like to reach out to Jason personally, here’s his email:

Advertisingalchemy at gmail dot com.

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