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Mind-Boggling Leads, with Joshua Henry

Published by: David Garfinkel on 11-07-2022

Our guest today is Joshua Lee Henry, a high-powered copywriter with a very interesting career before he started writing copy. That began 12 years ago, when Joshua wrote fundraising letters for victims of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti.

At the time, he was also a pastor for a megachurch with more than 5,000 members. Fast forward to 2018, when Joshua started freelancing and wrote for big names including Jay Abraham, Brian Tracy and the Zig Ziglar corporation.

Like a number of high-performing copywriters, Joshua moved under the umbrella of Agora, where he has written promotions that have made millions. These days, he is copy chief for Money & Markets, an imprint of Agora’s fast-growing Banyan Hill company.

After I spoke at Brian Kurtz’s mastermind a few weeks ago, where Joshua had also spoken, Joshua reached out to me with an idea that was truly mind-boggling: How to structure a lead that truly gets and keeps 100% of a qualified prospect’s intention.

I’m not sure he put it exactly that way, but that’s what I took away from it. Joshua offered to share his structure with you on this show, and I said yes.

Joshua has taken some well-known copy elements, added a couple of his own, and come up with something truly bold and audacious. What makes his approach almost impossible to ignore is a deft combination of shock, and carefully-selected breathtaking facts.

All the while, everything is legitimate and on the level. And proven. What’s the unique about this approach is the way they are combined. Very powerful and a little unusual.

Joshua originally developed the mind-boggling lead method for financial promos only. But for today’s show, he went out of his way to find examples of each element in non-financial promo’s. So, there’s something for everyone here.

You can get more info about the program World of Financial Copywriting here:

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