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The Ultimate After-Optin Formula, with Jason Strachan

Published by: David Garfinkel on 11-28-2022

How would you like to DOUBLE your conversions after prospect opt-in for a lead magnet?

I mean… who wouldn’t like that, right?

Now one thing that keeps us, as direct marketers, from reaching new heights, is our ingrown conservatism. Which is normally a good thing. When something works, we stick to it. Other people in marketing and advertising often seem to compete to see how much money they can waste by being “creative” and trying out whatever comes to mind in the moment.

Meanwhile, direct marketers see their job as making money for their clients. So we tend to stay focused on what has proven to work in the past.

And most of the time, it’s a good idea.

But sometimes, sticking too narrowly to the tried-and-true can box us in. We have to balance our data-driven decisions with breakthrough innovations that could still conceivably work within the bounds of direct marketing.

Enter Jason Strachan. He’s our returning champion today. Jason is a bold copywriter and marketer who’s willing to jump out of the box to try something new and see if it works better.

Of course he’s not the only one in our business who takes these kind of risks. But he is one of the few I’ve ever talked to who has taken a controversial, yet proven new idea, adapted it, and gotten outstanding results.

So Jason didn’t try something entirely out of the blue. He did use a proven concept. The difference is, the concept Jason was about to try had been used in a different context, and some very experienced people doubted it would work the way Jason wanted to use it.

But Jason stuck with it, and it worked — big time! For his promotions so far, his adaptation of the idea led to a 40% conversion rate on an upsell, and, more important for todays show, more than DOUBLING the conversion after an opt-in from a lead magnet.

On today’s show, Jason walked us through the typical optin sequence, and explained the thinking behind it. The old way has worked very well for a lot of marketers, and it’s worth taking a few minutes to understand where we’re starting.

Then, Jason explained how he learned about this new approach, and the outsize results he got on a couple of campaigns — even though experienced direct marketers were very skeptical about the idea ahead of time when Jason ran it by them.

This is a little-known strategy well worth learning about and considering using for your own promotions.

How to get in touch with Jason and get his book:

advertisingalchemy at gmail dot com

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