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New John Caples Secrets, with Joshua Lee Henry-Old Masters Series

Published by: David Garfinkel on 02-13-2023

Our returning champion is Joshua Lee Henry, with a first: He came by to do a GUEST Old Master’s Series show.

Joshua asked me if he take a new look at the work of John Caples, the great copywriter and author. I said OK, as long he talked about something different than we have talked about on the many shows we’ve already done on Caples.

Joshua put together a collection of unique items that filled the bill. So I was really happy to bring him back for this special show!

As you may remember, Joshua is a high-powered copywriter and copy chief for Agora. He started his career 13 years ago writing fundraising letters for victims of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti.

Joshua has been pastor of a megachurch and as a freelancer, has written for such famous clients as Jay Abraham, Brian Tracy and the Zig Ziglar corporation.

Today, we found out what he discovered, digging into the archives of John Caples.

Joshua broke it down into six lessons:

1. 4 Ways to Profit by Removing The Guesswork

2. How to Secure Testimonials

3. Appealing to the “Lazy Instinct”

4. The Value of Illusion

5. Write Long and Boil It Down

6. The Most Important Quality for a Writer is Sincerity

Joshua rose to the challenge and we appreciate him for it!

Here are a couple links:

A training program Joshua’s part of: World of Financial Copywriting,

And if you want to reach Joshua personally, his email is:

joshualeehenry @

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