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AI’s Plans For Copywriting

Published by: David Garfinkel on 02-27-2023

I’m excited that we’re finally doing a show on Artificial Intelligence and Copywriting. This has been a long time coming. Nathan has had quite a bit of experience finding out on real assignments what AI can do and can’t do. I have less experience, but I do have some.

One thing is for certain: AI is here to stay, and it is slithering its way into copywriting. It’s not going to replace all of us tomorrow, but if your skills are limited as a copywriter, you may want to upgrade your skills, or become a real AI jockey, or both.

Today we’re going to talk about what AI does well and how it can save you tons of time, once you learn to use it. Also, what it doesn’t do well yet… and may never really be able to do at all.

We started with my unabashed opinion of what AI is when it comes to copywriting, and things could only get better from there.

In fact, Nathan had a number of positive things to say, including the best uses for AI when you’re a copywriter—things I had not considered or heard before.

However, good copywriter that he is, Nathan doesn’t even think of having the AI engine actually do his writing. He’s saved that for himself.

We also talked about where AI falls short, in ways you may or may not have already realized. Writing copy, after all, is a skill that most people don’t have or even understand. But it is and will remain necessary and vital for an increasing proportion of the world’s business for years to come.

We also took a little peek into the future, to plot where we may be headed.

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