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Eugene Schwartz’s Best-Kept Copywriting Secret

Published by: David Garfinkel on 09-25-2023

When you sit down to write your copy, do you shake in fear because of the terror of the blank page? Or, maybe you’re not terrified, but you’re frustrated because you don’t know where to start? Today we talk about a game-changing method developed by one of our industry’s great Old Masters, Eugene Schwartz. He delivered a powerful secret in an obscure talk he gave in the early 1990s to Rodale Press. You won’t find this secret in either of his landmark books, Breakthrough Advertising or the Brilliance Breakthrough. The secret is explained in these words from his talk:

“You do not write copy. You assemble it. You ware working with a series of building blocks and putting the building blocks together, putting them in certain structures. You’re building a little city of desire for your person to come and live in. You are assembling claims that are simply images that people will pay for.”

The key idea here is assembling, not writing. And that’s a very important insight. Which we’ll really get into today.


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