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Fast Path To Short Copy

Published by: David Garfinkel on 10-02-2023

Sometimes when you’re doing a funnel or you only have a limited space or number of characters to start your sales process, you have no choice but to use short copy. We all run into that situation, even if we prefer long-form copy.

But then we run into a brick wall–the time and difficulty of actually writing short copy that works.

Why does it take longer to write a good Google ad for a powerful 280-character Twitter/X post than it takes to write a couple pages of copy? It’s maddening when it takes LONGER to write only a few words than it takes to write an entire short sales page—and it hardly makes any sense either!

Today we look at why shorter takes longer and some ways you can come to peace with this infuriating contradiction—and save some time in the process.

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