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How To Effortlessly Get Into Flow, With Composer And Copywriter Doug Pew

Published by: David Garfinkel on 12-25-2023

What do you do when copy is coming in fits and starts… or, worse than that, you are staring at a blank page, which is staring back at you?

Our returning champion today, Dr. Doug Pew, has some answers for you. What he has to say is information and specific steps you’ve probably heard nowhere else before.

And Doug should know. He’s written music performed at Carnegie Hall and an opera that was featured at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. He’s also written a lot of other sophisticated music. And plenty of six- and seven-figure copy, too.

Doug has developed a can’t miss method for getting out of “stall” and into flow. I’m really grateful and amazed that he’s agreed to share it with us today.

You can contact Doug by email:

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