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The Little-Known Power Of Email Subject Lines, With Donnie Bryant

Published by: David Garfinkel on 01-01-2024

When you sit down to write an email, you are presented with a barrage of questions and problems. Not only how to get it opened, but how to get click-throughs. An even bigger problem which most people don’t deal with is, how does your subject line affect the number of sales you ultimately make?

Our guest today, returning champion Donnie Bryant, has spent a lot of time thinking about these questions—and a lot of time rigorously testing different approaches to come up with some definitive answers. Donnie has written a great new book, “Subject Line Science,” which we’ll talk about today.

To refresh your memory, since it’s been three years since Donnie was on the show, Donnie has generated over $130 million for his clients, which include Agora Financial, Dan Kennedy's GKIC and Early to Rise. He's shared the stage with copy legends like Parris Lampropoulos, Clayton Makepeace and the other David, David Deutsch.

Today Donnie is going to zero-in on his current focus, which is email subject lines. I’ve read his book and you should too—I’ve learned a lot. But even before you see his book, you’re going to learn plenty on the show today.

Get Donnie’s book here:

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