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What Connects, And What Separates, Copywriting From Coaching, With Sean McCool

Published by: David Garfinkel on 01-15-2024

If you’re thinking hiring a copywriter OR you’re
considering getting a coach, you might be wondering:

What can a copywriter do for me that a coach can’t?

And vice-versa: What can a coach do for me that a
copywriter can’t?

Coaching and copywriting are two professions that have grown impressively over the last 20 years. The Internet and a fast-changing world have a lot to do with it.

But a lot of people are unclear on what they do and what kind of results they provide. Because while both copywriters and coaches are in the business of helping people get what they want, the ways they go about it are as different as night and day.

Today our special guest is Sean McCool. He’s been writing hard-hitting, high-earning sales letters for large publishers like Agora and Stansberry Research for 15 years, plus he’s worked for a lot of smaller direct-response oriented businesses, too.

The important thing to know up front is Sean is also a life coach with clients including actresses, children’s book writers, entrepreneurs and even a member of the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

So, like me, Sean is a coach as well as a copywriter. I thought it would be fun to talk about the similarities and the differences. One thing it will do for you as a viewer or listener is put into sharp relief what copy can and cannot do for you… and whether you should be on the lookout for a coach yourself.

Sean’s website is:

And you can find his podcast here:

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