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Copywriting Summit With The World’s Fastest Copywriter, Jack Turk

Published by: David Garfinkel on 01-29-2024

What do the world’s most experienced, successful copywriters really think? What if I could get them all together in one room and ask them to share their best ideas and techniques on specific copywriting topics they know most about?

If you’ve ever wondered those things, you’re not alone. Our special guest today, Jack Turk, wondered the same thing.

And next week, he’s going to give you an answer, at no cost to you, to hear what some of the world’s top copywriters have to say. Including David Deutsch, Dave Dee, and another David, I can’t remember his name right now.

Plus many more!

Jack’s going to tell us all about it midway through the show. You should know he has decades of experience writing for the big guys, like Microsoft and Kodak. Plus many smaller businesses including dentists, attorneys, even magicians.

As the voice of Dan Kennedy at GKIC and of many other high-profile thought leaders, Jack’s sales copy has generated millions upon millions of dollars.

Plus, he’s now known as the world’s FASTEST Copywriter.

You can sign up for free access to the Copywriting Summit here:

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