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The Seven Stories In Blockbuster Promotions, with Henry Bingaman

Published by: David Garfinkel on 02-19-2024

How do you put together a seven, eight or even nine-figure promotion?

(Just in case you weren’t sure, “nine figures” means north of 100 million dollars. And yes, you’re about to meet someone who has written a promotion that took in more than $100 million.)

But in fact, there are precious few copywriters who have done all this and will tell you how. However, our special guest today is one of the few who can, and will—and he’s Henry Bingaman.

All told, Henry’s copy has generated well over $300 million. He’s written blockbusters for Newsmax, Natural Health Sherpa, and Money Map Press, as well as other top publishers.

And just as important to me, Henry is both trusted and feared by those at the top.

I can’t think of a better way to demonstrate trust than by what top copywriter Marcella Allison said: “I practically have Henry Bingaman on ‘speed dial’. Seriously. Whenever I’m faced with a difficult choice, or major business or career decision, he’s the first person I reach out to!”

And as for fear, it’s the right kind. The legendary late Clayton Makepeace said, “Henry is on the short list of copywriters I would never dream of going up against. He really is that good.”

So now you know a little about Henry. But what you’re going to hear about on today’s show is Henry’s awesome Seven Stories method for writing powerful, long-lasting, chart-topping sales letters and VSLs.

Free bonus from Henry: “8 Questions To Discover Your Big Idea”

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