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5 Entertaining Ways To Increase Sales

Published by: David Garfinkel on 04-08-2024

Last week we had A-List Copywriter Donnie Bryant on to tell us that the era of salesmanship in print is over for copywriting, to be replaced by showmanship in print.

He added that knowing how to sell is still a top priority, but today it’s almost imperative that you do it in an entertaining context.

Donnie’s right. We’re in an entertainment era, that’s for sure.

A couple days ago I was watching a Pulitzer-prize-winning reporter from the Washington Post describe some major breaking news with her prediction of how it would play out in the future in a movie. She started her description by saying, “In the Netflix version… ”

Let’s just for a moment go back to the 1970s, when I was a journalist myself.

Can you Imagine the summer of 1974, after Nixon resigns, Woodward and Bernstein on with Walter Cronkite, saying, “I think in the movie Robert Redford should play Woodward, and Dustin Hoffman can play Bernstein.”

Never woulda, coulda or shoulda happened.

In 1974.

But that was then and this is now.

And here we are. It’s Netflix’s world. We just live in it.

So how does all this apply to copy?

Not as much as you might imagine… but a lot more than you probably think.

We’ll talk about that today.

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