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Building A Fortune From Scratch, With Aaron Gentzler

Published by: David Garfinkel on 04-22-2024

If you wanted to build your own home from scratch, it would be a good idea to talk to someone who’s done that, right?

Same thing with a sales funnel that generates a level of income you can barely imagine.

How do you build one?

My advice is:

Listen to our returning champion, Aaron Gentzler.

Because he’s been there and done that.

Multiple times.

For example, Aaron led a team in growing a newsletter business by a factor of 12, from $4 million to nearly $50 million a year.

Another example: Aaron wrote a promo in 2008 resulting in tens of millions of sales. His promo was so good that others in the company used his copy as a template, resulting in tens of millions of more sales.

More than 10 years ago, when Bitcoin was trading at about $500, Aaron published research urging investors to learn more about crypto and speculate prudently. Anyone who took his advice in 2013 would have increased their investment by more than 100 times. As we’re recording today at the beginning of April, Bitcoin closed yesterday at $65,270.

He’s done a lot more since then and is doing great things today.

I mentioned those three examples because Aaron has a bold and steady knack for taking promotional ideas and turning them into money—lots of money.

And if you’re looking for some clues as to how to do the same with a promotion you’re thinking about or working on, you’re in luck.

This is Aaron’s third time on the show, and he’s agreed to come back today and share some of his best secrets for massive business growth.

FREE training on building a funnel that won’t quit, from Aaron and his partner Shawn Twing.

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