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When You Should Set Up An Agency, With Andy Strote

Published by: David Garfinkel on 05-06-2024

If you’re a copywriter and you’re itching to build a business, what should you do?

You probably have many options. But if you’d like to know whether building your own agency is the right way to go, we have some valuable information for you.

Today’s guest, Andy Strote, has built two agencies. The first one, Fireworks Creative, grew from 2 to 30 people in five years. Andy and his partner sold the agency to a large company called Cognicase.

Six months later, he started another agency with one partner and one employee. That agency is called Context Creative. After 15 years, the agency had grown to have a staff of 28, and Andy sold his shares to his partners and returned to freelancing.

But he wrote a book about what he learned in 20 years of starting, managing, growing, and selling two agencies. The book is called How to Start a Successful Creative Agency, and of all the people I know, he’s the one to write that book!

Andy’s going to share some of those lessons and secrets today.

Andy’s book: How to Start A Successful Creative Agency

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