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Jack Turk’s Killer Copy Checklist

Published by: David Garfinkel on 05-13-2024

After you’ve finished your copy, how do you know that you
got everything right and haven’t left anything out?

There are several good ways to double-check, but I don’t
think there’s one more fun than Jack Turk’s Killer Copy

It’s an 8-page PDF, written and presented like a comic book.

But it’s serious stuff, in an easy-to-take form.

Today Jack’s going to tell us about the checklist and make it available to you free… free… free of charge.

To understand why this is such a good checklist, you need to know a little bit about Jack.

He’s our returning champion, and we’re really happy to have him back today!

Jack has decades of experience writing for corporations like Microsoft and Kodak, as well as a number of small businesses including dentists, attorneys, even magicians.

As the voice of Dan Kennedy at GKIC and many other high-profile thought leaders, his sales copy has generated millions of dollars in sales and he’s now known as the world’s FASTEST Copywriter.

Jack was also host of the highly successful Copywriting Summit, and was kind enough to invite me on to talk about headlines and hooks.

Today he’s going to walk us through his Killer Copy Checklist. It’s as good as anything I’ve ever seen, and a whole lot more fun!

Get yourself a free copy of Jack’s Killer Copy Checklist here:

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