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How Jason Parker Made AI Write Really Good Copy

Published by: David Garfinkel on 06-17-2024

I really didn’t believe it was possible—that AI could crank out compelling copy in a conversational, persuasive voice.

But I reconnected with my old mentoring client Jason Parker last week. By “old,” I mean it’s been over a decade since we worked together. He’s not all that old himself. Me, that’s another story.

When he showed me what he’s come up with, I didn’t believe my eyes at first. But then he showed me how he was doing it. And, with no background material other than the book title, he had AI write a pretty decent sales letter for my book The Persuasion Story code in about two minutes.

I found my way to Jason because the only other person in his agency, Brian Halpin, was online talking about a webinar 80% written by AI that generated just shy of $900,000 for a client.

Talking further with Jason, I found out that his agency was scoring win after win. Over $4 million a month for Launch Medical. Half a million a month for A Caccia di Trader, an Italian financial publishing business. And other improbable but documented big, impressive successes.

I asked Jason if I could dig into what he was doing and how he was doing it, and he shared a lot with me. Meanwhile, he emphasized that we were only scratching the surface. But the most important thing I’ve seen is he’s found a way to get AI to stop writing like what we’re used to seeing from Chat GPT.

And he’s also found a way to pour a lot of proven copywriting knowledge and techniques into custom bots.

I asked him to come on the show and share some of it with us. He very generously agreed to do so.

Jason’s agency is Parker & Kirkland

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