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Episode 065 - Copywriting to Keep the Kids

Published by: David Garfinkel on 07-16-2018

We have a special Report from the Field today that reaches deep into one man’s family. Our guest is Joshua Killingsworth, and while people’s last names usually have nothing to do with anything else, in this case, it holds a clue.

Because Joshua Killingsworth’s copy is killing it. He’s got a webinar and sales page promo, for example, that converted 65% on a one-thousand-dollar product. He’s created a three-email sequence that is making over $20K a month for a client. With a tiny list, yet.

And maybe that’s because he had no choice. Four years ago he was going to lose his share of joint custody of his daughter unless he was available on some weekdays. He became an “accidental copywriter” as a result. Today he’s going to share some of his secrets with you.

1. How did you get into copywriting and what is your background?

2. You have an avatar and empathy map you’ve developed. Something I’ve never heard of before! And you say that you believe the research that produces leads you to higher than normal conversions. Tell us about that.

3. What are the steps you use in your writing process?

4. Where do you get angles from, for your hook, your subject lines.

5. You mentioned you verify everything before the writing actually starts. Not everyone does that. Why do you and what’s your process?

6. A lot of copywriters aren’t sure how to size up a client ahead of time. You have a process for doing that – would you share it?

7. Finally, what takeaways can you give people who want to write their own copy?

8. And if someone wants to contact you, what’s the best way to do that?

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