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Episode 069 - Beating The Control with Justin Goff

Published by: David Garfinkel on 08-13-2018

Justin Goff has created from scratch three multi-million dollar direct response companies. His last one was a supplement company that him and his partners scaled from 0->23 million in sales in just under 3 years.

Justin sold his stake in that company last year, took a year off, and is now helping the biggest direct response companies to boost their response and increase their average order size on their offers. He lives in Austin Texas with his 2 Great Danes, George and Dempsey.

1. Many of our listeners know all about controls, but some don’t. So let’s start with this question: What is “a control?

2. Why do you need to try to beat a control?

3. How do most people typically go about trying to be a control?

4. What do you see as wrong with, or missing from, this approach? And what do you do differently instead?

(Justin – here, could you go through the theory/process of working on the whole funnel? If you can and you’re willing to, mention some super-simple math. Like 2 or 3 actual or potential gains you’ve seen, that most people would miss entirely, using the more conventional, limited approach of just looking at the sales letter.)

5. Are there other things you can do that usually work to beat a control?

6. What happens when a control starts to fatigue and you can’t beat it anymore?

7. What should a copywriter expect to charge for this kind of work?

8. What should business owners expect to pay for this kind of work?

9. How can someone get in touch with you?

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