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Episode 070 - Email Copywriting with Justin Goff

Published by: David Garfinkel on 08-20-2018

Justin Goff has created from scratch three multi-million dollar direct response companies. His last one was a supplement company that him and his partners scaled from 0 to 23 million in sales in just under 3 years.

Justin sold his stake in that company last year, took a year off, and is now helping the biggest direct response companies to boost their response and increase their average order size on their offers. He lives in Austin Texas with his 2 Great Danes, George and Dempsey

1. Justin, you seem to have a very different view of emails for marketing from just about anyone else I know. I remember once on a webinar I heard you say you would pay $5000 for a good email. Could you tell us, how do you look at emails differently than most people do.

2. How did you use emails in the companies you built? Could you talk about some individual emails and the kind of results you saw?

3. The way you do emails – how do you decide what information to put in the email itself, and what to save for the sales page it leads to?

4. If you or someone working for you is doing daily emails, how often are they pitch emails, compared to “content” emails? Is the tone usually the same with both kinds of emails?

5. Effective subject lines in emails – How similar, or different, are they to headlines that work on a sales page?

6. Your emails go into a lot of depth and do a lot of selling. How does a sales letter it leads to, work, with the way you do things? Shorter sales letters? Repeat the info in sales letter? Or straight to an order page?

7. You’re doing some work for a small group of clients with emails. Want to talk about it?

8. How can someone get in touch with you?

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