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Episode 090 - Creativity vs. Implementation

Published by: David Garfinkel on 01-07-2019

A rocket scientist describes how a spacecraft takes off. There’s a big difference between the energy and controlled chaos of the lift-off and the regular, cyclical path of the orbit around the earth. What can we learn about this description when it comes to the two basic types of people necessary to make copywriting make money?


Two conversations started this all. The first one – one of those accidental things about something else entirely, that really sparked my thinking about this. The second one, with a legendary copywriter, really blew it up to get us to this point.

What creative people need to know about implementers. It’s almost like the people who write the copy and the people who “get things done” are from another planet. But they’re not. They’re really two sides of the same coin. What does the “implementer” side of the coin look like?

What implementers need to know about creative people. For many practical, “get ’er done” people, asking them to understand creative people is akin to asking someone who only speaks English to read something written in Greek. It seems mysterious. And, from the way implementers look at, and operate in, the world, it is. But there’s a way to understand the other side of the coin, and we’ll cover that in today’s show.

How do you bring an “implementer” mindset to creativity? This, of course, is the million-dollar question. Lucky for you, we have a million-dollar answer. Maybe even more than one of them.

How do you bring a “creative” mindset to implementation? Most creative people would swear that this is impossible. Probably based on their own experiences, that would be a reasonable thing to swear to – or, to swear about. But there’s another way to look at it, and that’s what we do in the show today.

The world where cats and dogs can get along? Of course, that’s a metaphor. Well, not completely. I have seen photos on Facebook of a dog and a cat getting along, but, it could have been Photoshopped. The question is a metaphor for the question of creative and implementor people synching up and reducing the friction between each group. Some good ideas here.

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