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Episode 097 - The Job of Each Piece of Your Copy

Published by: David Garfinkel on 02-25-2019

Without a good roadmap, most copywriters are just flying blind when they sit down to craft a sales letter. Sure, having a template can help, but even that doesn't get at the underlying problem. In order to write persuasive copy, you need to understand what each section of the copy is supposed to do.

This week, David and Nathan break down the job of many essential parts of your sales letter. From headlines to P.S. sections, we get deep into the psychology behind each part and how to go about writing them. Tune in and you'll discover:

• How great copy is like a full-course meal

• Why most copy ends up muddying the point

• Whether you should start your copy with an outline or not

• How to write a killer headline

• Why most headlines don't grab attention (and how to fix it)

• Why a great "Pattern Interrupt" might actually be hurting your sales message

• How to fix your testimonials and make them more convincing

• What testimonials are meant to do in your reader's mind

• 5 secret messages you need to be implanting into your testimonials

• The real job of a bullets section (hint: it's not what you might think)

• Why a good bullet can be as hard to write as a good headline

• How one single bullet can close a sale all by itself

• How to win over the fence-sitters at the end of your sales letter

• What a P.S. section needs to do in order to sound convincing

• How Colombo can help you write a better P.S.

• And a lot more

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