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The Greased Chute Trick

Published by: David Garfinkel on 04-01-2019

Driving around Orange County in Western New York. What a police officer told me that, years later, really helped my copywriting.

How you lose readers… and sales crater

Very few people talk about this, and when people do, they tend to give it the short shrift. But not us. We’re going to give it the long shrift in today’s episode.

Why everyone struggles so much with this problem

The best “greased chute” copy is not only seamless; it’s virtually invisible to the untrained eye. Most people not only don’t know what the words are, but the strategy/psychology behind them. If that’s you, relax and rejoice! All is revealed ahead.

Solution #1 - Logic

Logic is very compelling in moving the reader along. But how do you use it effectively without coming across as stuffy or aloof? You’ll see!

Solution #2 - Comparison

This is like using a metaphor, but a lot simpler and, frankly, easier to do. It’s a powerful technique.

Solution #3 - Random Phrases that work

Sometimes it’s simpler than you think. But you gotta use the Best Words. You’ll get some of them in this part.

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