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New Look: Creativity and Copywriting

Published by: David Garfinkel on 04-08-2019

A little-known book called “The Act of Creation” by Arthur Koestler says that there are three states of mind all creative people use in the process of coming up with new ideas. Broadly stated, these three states are:

1. Humor

2. Scientific Thinking

3. Art

While knowing about these is somewhat useful for the process of writing copy, being able to write copy that inspires these different states of mind in prospects while they are READING your copy is even more valuable.

I’ve never seen anyone talk about them the way Koestler does, or even mention this book except one of the world’s greatest living creative geniuses, whose identity I reveal on the show.

Then we go through each state, one-by-one, giving specific techniques and examples for each state. Variety is the spice of life, and variety in your copy is the key to more conversions.

We pay particular attention to the high-wire act of using humor in copy. It’s generally not a good idea. But there are ways to adapt the principles of humor so rather than coming up with comedy, you come up with brain-jostling ideas and phrases that add extra go-power to your copy.

After you have finished listening to today’s show, you’ll have a new toolkit of techniques to make your copy more interesting, and make it convert better.

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