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Copywriting Intensity

Published by: David Garfinkel on 07-01-2019

A client of mine made an interesting discovery. When he wrote short emails, he got mediocre click-through. When he wrote longer emails, he got a higher click-through. But when he condensed the longer emails down to the length of the original short emails, he got the highest click-through rate of all.

Why is that?

We discussed this and the answer we came up with is what this podcast is about. In short, intensity. It raises response rates consistently for my client in split tests to a high six-figures list. And I think everyone who deals with copy needs to know about this.

What we cover in today’s podcast:

1. What intensity in copy is; why it’s important; and when it’s especially necessary to have intensity in your copy

2. The discovery, and the easiest way to infuse your copy with intensity

3. Another thing to do to maximize the intensity of your copy

4. Urgency, and not just in your close

5. The ultimate driver for

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