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Writing In Your Client's Voice

Published by: David Garfinkel on 09-16-2019

Justin Blackman of Pretty Fly Copy knows his way around marketing, branding, and copywriting. He’s worked with clients ranging from Red Bull and 5-Hour Energy to info-marketing guru Amy Porterfield and Rob Marsh of The Copywriter Club.

In fact, all that Red Bull must be working. Last year he had more than 200 clients. However he summons the energy, this is a guy who gets things done!

Justin’s talked about a much-needed but greatly overlooked topic: Writing in the client’s voice (or your own authentic voice). He’s an expert on that and we really enjoyed what he shared with us.

Justin answered these questions:

1. What is “brand ventriloquism,” and how did you get into it?

2. Please share with us the example of a good brand voice you developed for a person or a business, and a tip or two for our listeners on how they can improve their own brand voice.

3. What does a bad brand voice sound like? How can we avoid making the mistakes that lead to a bad brand voice?

4. Why is brand voice so important? Do you think it will become even more important in the future?

Justin’s website is PrettyFlyCopy dot com

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